DEAD GIRLS DON'T GET FAT: New Adult fantasy romance from Highland Press

What's the difference between a social studies teacher and a flesh-hungry demon?

Ever since Julia Stokes was a little girl, she's wanted to become a teacher and escape her rural Illinois town in favor of the big city. She accomplished her goals after college, but a year later, she's back home, sleeping in the bedroom across the hall from her parents again. She had no choice after her ex-boyfriend stole her identity and gambled away her money.

Just as Julia is trying to put her life back together, a night out with friends ends with an attack by a rogue demon. She survives the attack, but at a high price. She discovers that her dull hometown is actually teeming with a dizzying array of monsters – and now she's one of them. As Julia struggles to come to grips with her new life, an unexpected and desirable guide emerges to introduce her to the underworld that she has become part of. She refuses to dwell on that time back in high school when he dumped her before prom.

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SAUCY GIRL: Contemporary Romantic Suspense from Highland Press
Two sisters, one handsome widower, an online stalker, and 10,000 tomatoes. It's shaping up to be a long, hot summer.

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WARNING SIGNS: Adult horror/suspense

Maybe Angie should have asked more questions about why her new house was so cheap, but the Victorian fixer-upper had lots of potential and promised an engrossing DIY project to distract her from the miserable end of her marriage.

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